With historic roots that run deep, Tonic Blue is an agency that has evolved over the years — from a late 60’s design studio, to a full-service advertising agency, and finally, a Digital User Experience agency offering full service branding and communication services.

Our background has lead to what we feel is a more full understanding of how people are affected and impacted by any type of design-based experience.

What do we do?

Branding and Marketing Communications, and User Experience Design. Roughly seventy percent of our work tends to be User Experience and Web Design, but we offer a full service agency support for marketing communications and branding. A brand is paramount, and what we use as a focal point as we determine all project strategies or develop integrated campaigns and solutions.

What do we do different?

Above all we focus on the big picture, your audience, your need, your goal, and what truly is best for our client. We like to think of our bigger-picture attitude as vital to our philosophy of giving our best and not just taking what others would as easy gain. Being flexible and adaptable to a company’s team and internal processes plays just as important a role as provided great consultation and design.

What are we most proud of?

Our accounts mean a lot to us, and we go above and beyond to make sure we focus on the long term relationship, putting obsessive levels of attention to details and processes that make sure things stay on track, in scope, and on strategy. We’ve been under extreme timelines and have had tough challenges like the rest of them, but you can take comfort in knowing reliability is our golden rule, and relationships stay top of mind.

Why the name “Tonic Blue”?

There are various rumors, but one that seems to be most prevalent is that the word breaks into two realms of thought. Tonic, a foundation. In music terminology the tonic is the primary note and foundation of which a scale or chord is derived. We like to think of that “first note” and foundation when conducting any assessment, campaign, or integrated UX strategy. Blue? Blue because we like to think of the human emotion in our work. Again in musical terms a “blue note” is one which is often viewed as a point of accent that bends ever-so-slightly from the expected, creating that emotive appeal. Emotion and sensitivity is vital to all experience and leads to more attention, more sales, more leads, and a more successful project.

Experience is the teacher of all things.

Julius Caesar