Every path is an experience. Choose wisely. Good usability and design not only creates a desired objective, but establishes an emotional response that molds a company’s image and reputation.

Tonic Blue works with software companies and clients directly to ensure great design and user experience that will achieve your business objectives

An Effective Process

Through years of experience working with software companies and a diverse array of clients, we can say to you very confidently — our process works. We bring confidence to a project because we eliminate any “guess work”. Our approach has been tested and refined over time. From User Assessment, Site Architecture, and Wireframing, to UI Design, Testing and Coding, we apply a scientific approach.

  • Highly Iterative Stages with Two-way Communication
  • All-inclusive Assessment
  • Flexible Options for User Testing
  • Integrated Front-end Coding and Development

Testing Our Instincts

Assumptions are potential pitfalls, and “approvals by committee” do not speak well to understanding and developing an ideal user experience. Testing reveals truths and challenges that must be overcome on a path toward developing an ideal web site or software product.

  • Test Development
  • Prototype Development
  • Recorded Sessions
  • Both Virtual and On-site Testing Options
  • Executive and Team-level Reporting and Recommendations, Backed Through an Effective Validation Process

A UX Strategy

Rogue, “one-off” explorations don’t work. A sound, all-encompassing strategy is immensely important to the success and acceptance of a UX strategy, process and protocol. Once a solid and realistic foundation is established, it can grow with your company.

  • Thorough Assessment Process Includes Users, Knowledge Experts, and Stakeholders
  • Detailed Assessment Reporting
  • Validation of Assessment Findings
  • UX Strategy Development

Efficiency and Collaboration

We work with your team as an UX and Design partner. Our business model is built on a strategy of seamless integration with our clients, whether they be software development companies, or direct client relationships. We truly work as a team player.

  • Full Support to Software Partnerships — Sales, Assessment, Scope Development, UX support and Guidance
  • Integrating with Your Project Management Methodology
  • Transparency Through Open Time Sheets, Tracking and Reporting
  • Continual, Reliable Support (You are a client in our eyes, regardless of if you are a partner or direct customer)


Understanding users, technology requirements and business objectives, requires eyes on every angle. We include extensive communication and a robust set of steps for an honest and objective analysis.


Our process has been tried and tested throughout years of unique UX project work. We have an established process that includes highly iterative, 2-way communication and feedback. You’ll have confidence in your end product, because everyone is a part, every step of the way.


Relationships don’t end after an initial project. We understand the nature of software and digital projects. Our UX team was built to provide flexible, reliable support that fluctuates with erratic timelines inherent to software and digital projects. We are here when and how you need us.

Design is not for philosophy it's for life.

Issey Miyake